Will I receive a race pack?

All participants will be emailed a digital race booklet pre-event which will include key event day information.  

In addition, paddlers will also receive a race pack containing their vessel number, event bib, timing chip, id wristbands and final information details. This pack will need to be collected at the participant’s start location on either the day before the event or on event day itself. Race pack collection details will be pre communicated to all participants 30 days before the event.  

Is there an age restriction?

All participants in Regatta London must be over 16 years on Sunday 29 September 2019.

Is it a race?

Participants can choose to either race or take on Regatta London as a non-racing challenge. Cut off times will be in place, however, in order to allow the safe re-opening of the River Thames. These times will be pre communicated to participants in due course but should be achievable for all levels of paddlers who have trained sufficiently for the challenge. All participants will be provided with a finish time for their vessel. 

Is equipment provided?

Participants will be required to bring their own vessel and associated equipment to take part; whether hiring or bringing one that they already own. In addition, an equipment check list will be shared with all paddlers to ensure participant safety on the water. A guidance equipment list can be found here

When is the registration deadline?

All participants must have registered with Regatta London by 5pm on Friday 6 September 2019. 

Can I enter a single gender rowing boat?

We want to encourage gender equality in the event by awarding a trophy for the first placed mixed crew (50/50 M/F). However, all male and all female crews are also very welcome.  

Does my rowing crew require a cox?

Yes, all crews must be experienced rowers and have an experienced cox. All Coxes must have passed supervised training, a practical and a theoretical examination and be certified to be competent in handling a boat and crew on the river. 

I’m injured and can’t participate, can I have a refund?

As per the terms and conditions, refunds are not available.

Is this a fundraising event?

A key objective of Regatta London is to raise hundreds of thousands of pounds for amazing causes in London and across the UK. We would therefore ask participants to combine their paddling with raising money for a charity of their choice, although this is not compulsory. If you would like to take part for one of our charity partners, please visit the Regatta London charity page.

What is the route?

There are two iconic routes available, both the same distance (except for rowing which is 2 miles longer) but suited to different levels of ability:

The London Crossing – a 12-mile route starting in Putney and finishing in Greenwich (rowing starts in Hammersmith, adding an additional 2 miles in distance). Due to strict cut off times to allow the River Thames to be re-opened safely, this route is more suited to experienced paddlers. 
The Big Ben Challenge – a 12-mile looped course from Putney to Big Ben and back. Whilst cut off times still apply, there is less time pressure and therefore is suited to paddlers more focused on completing the challenge as opposed to racing for time.  


How long is the route?

The rowing route is 14 miles

The kayak/canoe/paddle boarding route is 12 miles for both the Big Ben Challenge and London Crossing 

What will I see on the route?

The routes take in iconic landmarks including Battersea Park, Battersea Power Station, Lambeth Palace, The Palace of Westminster, and for the London Crossing, the London Eye, HMS Belfast, Tower Bridge, Canary Wharf and Old Royal Naval College, Greenwich.   

Which crafts can I participate in?

Please refer to the way to participate page here for all information on the ways in which you can take part in Regatta London. 

How can I get my trailer from the start to finish point if I am taking part in the London Crossing?

Information will be shared with all participants in due course. 

Can I rent equipment?
How do I book charity places?

If you are a charity and would like to purchase a charity place, please email Annie at info@regatta.london to request a charity booking form. If you are a paddler looking for a charity place, then please visit our Charities page.

What is the deadline for buying charity places?

Subject to availability, charity places can be purchased up until the registration deadline of 6 September 2019. By this date all participants must have registered with Regatta London

Are charity places deferrable?

Charity places are non-transferable, non-refundable and cannot be deferred to 2020.  

How much is a charity place?

£83.50 per place + VAT

Is this a cost per person or vessel?

This is a cost per person, as detailed below: 

Challenge –  12-mile distance Vessel TypePersons per vesselCost of vessels excl VAT (based on no. of paddlers) Total Cost incl VAT 
Kayak Canoe: London Crossing or Big Ben KC/C11£83.50£100.20
Kayak Canoe: London Crossing or Big Ben  K2/C22£167.00£200.40
Kayak Canoe: London Crossing or Big Ben  K44£334.00£400.80
SUP: Big Ben  SUP11£83.50£100.20
SUP: Big Ben   SUP22£167.00£200.40
SUP: Big Ben   SUP44£334.00£400.80

**Rowing eights consist of eight rowers and one experienced cox

Is there a minimum fundraising amount?

Charities can set their own fundraising target for their participants. We would recommend working on a minimum 3:1 return on investment, around £300 per person. 

For multi-person vessels, charities may prefer to set one overall fundraising target amount or alternatively sell the vessel at a certain price from the outset meaning no fundraising required. It is totally up to the individual charity and what you feel would appeal most to your supporters. 

How many places can a charity buy?

Charities can purchase between 1 and 80 places.

Do charities have to confirm what activity they want to buy places in, or can they be interchangeable based on demand?

Places in each activity are capped for safety purposes. Whilst we will try to accommodate all requests, we advise charities to select the number of places they would like in each activity from the outset. Places are subject to availability and will be issued on a first come, first served basis. 

As a charity partner, will we get any presence on event day?

All information regarding charity branding and cheer stations will be shared in due course. In the meantime we would love for you to plan on joining the day - with a 12-mile route, the participants will no doubt welcome your support! 

Do we have to be a registered charity?

All charities who wish to buy places in Regatta London must have a registered charity number with The Charity Commission.

What equipment do I need?

Please click here for a guidance sheet on required equipment.

A full list of mandatory kit will be shared with participants via the event website and in participant communications at least 1 month prior to the Event. 

Do I need to train for this event?

Regatta London is a significant challenge and should be approached in the same manner as if you were training for a marathon. Paddling 12 or 14 miles (challenge dependent) requires a good level of fitness as well as good paddling technique and water safety awareness.

Event Weekend
When is the event?

Regatta London will take place on Sunday 29 September 2019.

What are the two routes?

The London Crossing (Putney to Greenwich) requires higher competency levels due to strict cut off times. Places are limited for experienced kayakers and paddle boarders.

The Big Ben (Putney 6 miles to Westminster and return 6 miles back to Putney) is the same distance as the London Crossing and still takes participants to the heart of London.  This offers a more relaxed experience with less pressure on timings and is open to all.

What happens if there is an incident on the water?

We'll have a competent fully trained safety team on the water, along the entire length of both routes, to ensure participant safety in the event of any incidents.  

How can you ‘stop the tide’?

The event will be held on the day of the planned test closure of the Thames Barrier by the Environment Agency. We are lucky that we can operate this event during this scheduled closure. We are working closely with the Environment Agency to allow for this. The Barrier has NOT been closed specifically for the event.  

Are there cut off times?

Cut off times will be in place in order to re-open the central part of the River Thames to traffic:

London Crossing: All participants must be clear of Westminster by 10:00 and off the water by 11:45. 

Big Ben Challenge: All participants must have turned at Westminster before 10:30 and be off the water by 12:15.  

Full cut off details will be communicated to participants pre event.  

Depending on the route and cut-off location, participants not meeting these cut off times will either be turned around, diverted on to the Big Ben Challenge route or swept from the route.  

Will I be given a start time?

The first wave of participants will start at 07.45 am, with pulsed waves of participants starting at controlled times after that.

Fastest vessels will be set off first. 

Times will be shared for arrivals and when each sport discipline will be able to enter the water to prepare for the start at least 30 days before the event. 

It is estimated we will have the start cleared by 09:30. 

Where is the start line?

Rowing will start on the river near Hammersmith Bridge.

Kayak/Canoes/Paddle Boards will start on the river near Putney Bridge.

Where will I enter the water to access the start?

All participants will be pre-allocated a start ‘staging’ location on the route.  

For kayak/canoes and paddle boards, all vessels will enter the water from the Putney Foreshore at communicated scheduled times. 

For rowing there will be a number of different locations for entering the water in the Chiswick/Barnes area, north and south of the river. Your allocated entry venue will be communicated with your crew 30 days prior to the event date, along with a scheduled time for entering the water on the morning of the event. 

Where can I park by vehicle/trailers?

Information on parking will be shared in due course. 

When do I have to arrive at the event?

All participants will be provided with a time of arrival to bring their vessels to the event 30 days prior to the start. The majority of participants will be required to arrive the day before the event to unload their vessels. 

Secure overnight storage will be provided at each start ‘staging’ location.

What accommodation is available near the start and finish locations?

There is plenty of accommodation available in Greenwich and the Putney/Chiswick area. For Greenwich, please visit the following website for more information: http://booking.visitgreenwich.org.uk/

Do I need to register upon arrival at the event?

Yes, all participants must register at their designated start location upon arrival. When registering, participants will receive their race packs which contain important information, numbers and timing chips for use on the event day. 

Will there be an information point?

There will be an information point at each start location and at the finish. Each location will be clearly shown on the map provided in your pre-race digital race booklet. 

Will I be able to put my bag somewhere safe?

A baggage facility will be available for all participants. For the London Crossing, baggage will be transported from the start and will be awaiting your arrival at the finish. For the Big Ben, bags will remain at in Putney but stored safely until you complete your challenge.  

Please do not leave any valuables with your baggage – the organisers cannot accept any responsibility for the security of these items. 

What will Spectators be able to do?

Information for spectators will follow in due course

What will be at the Finish festival?

A much-deserved celebration awaits all paddlers at each finish location. Each participant will receive a bespoke Regatta London medal as they come off the water and will then be able to relax and enjoy their achievement in the finish village with music, refreshments and the support of our amazing charities and partners. More detailed information on the finish villages will be shared in due course.

Where is the finish line?

There will be two finish locations depending on which route you will be completing: 

The London Crossing finishes in the Old Royal Naval College, Greenwich

The Big Ben Challenge finishes in Putney